New Loyalty Technologies Released by Greektown Casino-Hotel

It’s important to think about how much casinos are going to change in the coming years. We are already seeing signs of it, and the online casinos are doing all they can to ensure they stay relevant and make sure they are prepared for this change. One of the ways they are managing to do that is by embracing and launching new technologies.


Technology plays such a big role for online casinos and determines much of the experience players have. That’s why casinos are always looking for ways to launch new technology that will be beneficial to them. Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit is one example, and they have launched new loyalty technologies for their guests.


We are going to have a brief look at these technologies, what they are, and what they can offer to casino customers.


Greektown Mobile App

Apps are all the rage these days, and for good reason as well. They are a fast, efficient, and effective way of carrying out your daily life. In the case of the Greektown app, this is an app that allows customers to use their phone for every loyalty promotion. It makes things so much simpler, because promotions, rewards, membership login, parking, and even meals can all be sorted out by this app. It basically gives players one device they can use for everything during their time in the casino. This is crucial as it is an innovative and impressive way of improving the entire customer experience. People are always looking for convenience, and this is a great way of illustrating that from a casino perspective. The app is like the casino Bible that players can refer to on their phone, and find out anything. It may not be long before we see this being implemented in all casinos.


GT Connect

GT Connect is another wonderful bit of tech that perfectly complements the mobile app. GT Connect provides a USB port on slot machines that allows players to plug in and connect their player’s card, charge their phone, and enjoy the benefits of the slots. They can use any USB cord to earn rewards and download bonuses as they play. It allows players the chance to simplify their participation and experience without the use of several cards. GT Connect captures perfectly exactly what is needed for casinos to improve their technology. The focus is on convenience, as well as giving the customers a better and more enjoyable process. These two technologies really look set to revolutionize gaming at Greektown Casino-Hotel. And, if they prove to be a success, we could see them going mainstream very quickly.

The Most Technologically Advanced Online Casinos

As technology develops we see the digital world evolve as a result. And the fact that technology is ever changing means that businesses and industries have to keep their ears to the ground. It’s important for them to try to predict the future trends and developments in technology, and how it will affect them in a business sense.


Casinos are wising up to this and realising the need to embrace modern technology and ideas. BetVictor embraced the move to mobile with open arms, and they never looked back. These will help when it comes to attracting clients and making the casino experience more memorable for everyone. The result of this is that more and more online casinos are becoming technologically advanced. They are using software and tech that helps to elevate them above many of their rival casinos.


Vegas Paradise Casino

Vegas Paradise is one of the top rated online casinos in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. The huge selection of games they boast is really attractive, and they have clearly embraced the way modern tech has evolved. Vegas Paradise have focused on making online casino gaming a more immersive experience. For example, they use live dealers to give more realistic Vegas experience, and to make you feel as though you are actually there. A virtual trip to Las Vegas makes the gaming more exciting, and you will not doubt attract more people as a result. Furthermore, their mobile casino ranks among the best out there. This is a casino you definitely need to check out if you want to tick the tech box!


MegaDice is in a realm of its own when it comes to technology. Not only is it a bitcoin casino (actually one of the first, albeit with a name change) but it has one of the most unique dice games. Not only has MegaDice embraced the whole bitcoin technology with its dice game, but they also have exclusive slot games that you can play with bitcoin too. Their provably fair system and free bitcoin faucet ensures that this bitcoin casino earns its place on our list.


Liberty Slots

Liberty Slots is another of the online casinos to embrace developing technology. They have fun games and promotions, but the jewel of their technological crown is the wager gaming technology they use. Wager Gaming Technology Software Company is the go-to software for any good online casino. The reason it is so appealing is because of the wide variety of games casinos can offer using the software. It helps to promote a safe and enjoyable user experience. They build generous bonuses, offer progressive slot games, and really help craft the best promotions. You can’t not use an online casino that integrates Wager Gaming technology. And Liberty Slots is one of the market leaders in doing this.


Vera and John

Vera and John is a casino you are probably already aware of. They offer a huge range of popular video slots that really help make them one of the best online casinos around. They also have a fantastic mobile casino you can enjoy that offers everything you could want. Vera and John recognise the importance of gaming technology, and that’s why they offer a whole host of game providers. Things like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, and Play ‘N Go are just a few of the providers they use. This results in a wide range of fun, exciting, fair, and secure games for players to enjoy.


Why Online Casinos Are Ahead of the Bitcoin Game

What is Bitcoin we hear you ask? Well, simply put, it’s a form of digital cryptocurrency used online. You may not be too familiar with Bitcoin and how it works at the moment, but this is likely to change very soon. See, since its inception in 2008, Bitcoin has grown in prominence and influence, and is destined to become the currency of the future.


Because of this, a lot of merchants and businesses are slowly beginning to recognize the importance of Bitcoin. And, a lot of them are beginning to adopt and accept the cryptocurrency in their business. Nowhere is this more prominent than with online casinos. The online gaming empire heads grown exponentially in the last decade, and casinos have played a huge role in that.


It’s no surprise that more casinos have started to use Bitcoin than any other type of company or merchant. The whole ethos behind casino gaming is to make it as attractive for the customer as possible. And this is something that can be achieved through multiple payment options.


It is projected that in the future Bitcoin will rule the gambling world, and become the ultimate form of gambling currency. 2016 saw Bitcoin make waves in the world of online gaming, and we have also seen the value of Bitcoin skyrocket. There are a lot of things that have happened recently that have seen the value of Bitcoin climb.


For instance, Brexit in the UK, and the political promises of Donald Trump have all caused economic uncertainty. This has caused a spike in the value of cryptocurrency, and online casinos are taking note. It is viewed as a much safer form of investment, and many casinos already accept it.


It will be music to the ears of many online casinos, who already feel that they face over-regulation from governing bodies. Bitcoin will largely remove this as an issue, and casinos will become more liberated as a result. It will also allow them to accept players from many more countries than they currently do.


Benefits of using Bitcoin include the speed and ease with which transactions can be processed, no personal information, and minimum payments of $10. The transparency that comes with Bitcoin is also a huge positive.


We can see already how important casinos consider Bitcoin to be as a currency, and there are a lot of online casinos that are specifically for Bitcoin. These look like they could increase in the future, as the currency grows in influence and usage. In a few years time, it looks certain that almost all casinos are going to be actively accepting Bitcoin as their default currency.


Cashless Payments are the Tech Trends of the Future

Technology is developing and changing at a pretty rapid rate, and it affects everything. Consider how gaming and finances are both influenced by technology. The digital landscape makes it much easier to do certain things and to achieve what you want. We can look back at how much technology has changed things in the gaming world.


Coins were replaced with notes, and it looks as though notes could well be the next to be replaced. Many casinos are considering heading down the route of introducing cards or gaming tickets. This would remove the finance element completely; adding better security, and making things easier for the casinos.


We’ve no idea the sheer scale of time, money and effort casinos face when dealing with cash. They have to handle it, store it, protect it, and count it. There are a lot of regulations and legal requirements in place. So, sometimes it’s easier to simply remove the cash element completely.


The next logical progression seems to be the introduction of card payments and casino vouchers. And some casinos have already begun experimenting with this very idea. Casinos based in Nevada have started trying out two alternative cashless payment methods, and we’re going to examine them now.


Casino Cards

A company called Sightline Payments has developed these casino club cards for members to use. They work a little like cash cards, and people top them up using their bank accounts. The great thing about these cards is that you can use them in slot machines! You can check your balance and top up with ease without having to leave the casino. They also come with a cap which is good for those who want to have limits in place to help them. These cards could well become the most popular payment option for customers over time. They have a big appeal due to the fact that they are easy to use, quick, and secure as well. Everything can be done online, and this benefits both casinos and customers. Watch this space for casino cards going mainstream in the next few years.



Another of the cashless payment alternatives is the use of ticket vouchers. These operate like tokens that customers can use to game in the casino. IGT EZ Pay is the ticket voucher system that is being used by these Nevada casinos. These vouchers are brilliant because they remove the cash aspect, and can be used to play any of the casino games. Customers can still trade in vouchers for cash at any time so it may not be benefiting the casinos completely. But, one thing is sure, it certainly reduces the amount they have to deal with money. This is a relatively new casino payment idea but looks likely to become more widespread over the next few years.

We will definitely reach a point soon where cashless payments are widespread in casinos across the world. This is something we need to prepare for, and, it could have a profound effect on the way we view and experience gaming.

What Do Millennials Want From a Casino?

Casinos are always looking for ways to engage their audience better and expand their empires. That’s why they spend so much time considering Millennials, and looking at what they can do to make their casinos more Millennial-friendly. So who are these people, and why do they have such an impact on the decisions casinos make?

Millennials are the group of people born after Generation X, and they reach adulthood in the early 21st century. Millennials are the generation who have grown up with technology, and they are a huge part of the clientele of modern casinos. That’s the reason why many Atlantic City casinos have started looking at what Millennials like and dislike and made changes accordingly.

Four of the major casinos in AC - Borgata, Tropicana, Harrah’s, and Resorts - all backed a study in Millennial casino gaming. The idea was to uncover what they liked and disliked about certain aspects of casinos.

For instance, the study revealed that many Millennials are interested in the social side as much as the gaming side. Things like hanging out with friends, having dinner, or going to the movies all ranked as being important. Sure, plenty of them liked gaming and visiting casinos, but a lot of them were dissatisfied with what casinos were offering.

There was also a contrast about the sorts of games they enjoyed. Many enjoyed the social and skilful aspect of table games. But, a lot of people found they lacked the necessary skills to have an enjoyable experience with table games. They would gravitate more toward slots. But then there were worries that the slots available were boring and out of date.

It seems that social interactions and modernity prove very important to Millennials. This does make sense, as they seem to be the technology generation. So casinos have got to take this feedback and use it to develop and adapt the sort of experience that will appeal more to Millennials.

Indeed, a lot of the Atlantic City establishments have used this study and already started work on adapting their slots and gaming processes. It’s just a question of whether these developments can be brought in with enough time to appeal to Millennials!

The New Online System Of Transaction

This form of payment, which was introduced in 2009, has a decentralized administration and is used all over the world. It is an online method of payment that was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto. The method is common among the younger generation and does not operate with any intermediary, like a bank. Therefore, the method used to verify the transactions is by the use of nodes that are noted down and distributed by a block chain. The fact that it does not need any intermediary has led to the treasury in the USA to classify it as a decentralized virtual currency. It is the first of this kind and the largest of its kind too in value.

They can be used to pay for both goods and services, and many business people are now accepting them as a form of payment. It is important to note that as long as you are using bitcoins for your transactions, you are not protected by the refund or change-back laws. Many criminals are also using them which has attracted attention from banks and law enforcers, as well as the media.

The unit used in the system is Bitcoin with the symbols BTC, XBT or B. There are also other smaller units such as milibitcoin (Mbtc), microbitcoin (µBTC) and Satoshi. The Satoshi is the smallest unit of transaction, named after the founder of these coins.

While transacting using this method, you can choose to pay the transaction fee or not, only that paying a small fee makes the transaction go faster. Paying the fee also means that the transaction will be listed on the block chain sooner than those who have not paid anything. The amount you pay will be determined by the number of units you are using for the transaction.

A wallet is a storage place for information that will be used in the transaction. Therefore, a wallet is a place that you store all the credentials for the bit coins, and it also gives you access to your coins and transact with them.

The method of payment is easy to follow as it is done online. It is also secure since it has been designed using complex encryption technologies. Moreover, it is open to anyone and at any time, and it is quite cheap since you will not need to pay any fee for the transaction.

Understanding Why Bitcoins Are Important In The Current Financial World

Technology has transformed the world in every aspect. The finance sector has been one of the major beneficiaries of the new technology. This has been occasioned by the invention of a Bitcoin. This is simply a computer program that is made available for use and manipulation to all people. Bitcoins basically are composed of the following features:They can be traced to a specific ownerBitcoins belong to a person who has signed them using his private key. For a transaction to be considered valid, the Bitcoins’ digital signature has to be traced to an owner by the network. If the network cannot trace some bitcoins to an owner, they are simply discarded.


Bitcoins are the standard units of measuring the amount. The units can be broken down into smaller units or larger units depending on the quantity desired. The bitcoins will soon become a standard currency once approved by international standard organization.


This are computer programs made to collect information about transactions and store it for future reference. These programs follow a certain algorithm designed to make sure that the collection of information is expeditious and only relevant information is stored.

Extra fees

Each transaction has a provision to incorporate extra fees. These extra fees enable the transaction to be processed much quickly than it would ordinarily do. Depending on the nature of the transaction you are making, you may or may not pay the transaction fees.


This system also has a feature known as a wallet. This is basically a storage facility that stores all keys associated with a particular user. The wallet is however designed to mimic the physical wallet so as to make its use more user-friendly. The wallet also has features that can enable you make financial planning so that you make effective use of your Bitcoins.

Clearly, technology will turn around the way things work in the world. In order to be part of this transformation, you should strive to keep yourself abreast with technological advancement. As such, the use of Bitcoins should be a priority for you in order to take the full advantage of the benefits they come along with.

Why Use Bitcoins at Online Casino?

Today, playing online games has been made easier and cheaper. Big casinos like Vera and John are now accepting Bitcoins for making online payments. Using Bitcoins is considered to be the best thing to happen to casino lovers as all what they need to do is to make some deposit on their internet account that has been facilitated by the use of a software called Satoshi Slot. Here are the advantages of using the software to perform online bitcoins transactions:It is fastBefore playing the games, you will be asked to pay some cash. Sometimes it may take long for you to be allowed on the machines but when you use the slots, it will take less time to make the transactions. The internet transfer is very quick, and you will not waste any time at the casino.

Safe and secureMost of the money transfer operations like the credit cards will require some information in order to purchase what you need. This is not so with the slots because they do not need any information when making the transfer. All one needs to do is to use the public to gather private keys that make the account more secure and private.

It is cheapWhen using other online transfer method especially with the banks, there are some fees charges on the transaction. With the slots, there is a minimum charge as compared to the latter and in some cases; they might not charge any fee. This is very beneficial to the users since one can make some saving on the transfers.

It is reliableDue to its security, you can play the available games online anytime. The transfer can be trusted at any given time thus giving you quality time to enjoy the games. There is not limitation on the slots as long as the games are available in this casino. You can play Three Pigeons, Betsoft, Nextgen Gaming, and even IGT as long the internet accounts is loaded with cash.

After winning the bets, the cash is deposited in your bitcoin accounts that make it easier to use in the next games.